PADLOCK - SIMBOX Fraud Detection


What is SIMBOX Fraud?                

SIMBOX Fraud is used for bypassing incoming international voice traffic over local numbers. Fraudsters use routing international calls over SIMBOX devices without interconnection fees between countries with high MTR values and cheap/free national onnet call prices.

When incoming international calls are terminated over SIMBOX devices, different/unknown phone numbers are displayed on the called subscriber’s display. In this case,

  • Some subscribers do not want to answer these type of calls, because they do not know the calling party. On the other hand, subscribers may think this is a operator’s issue. This will cause dissatisfaction from the operator services.
  • For unanswered calls, if called party want to call back, they cannot reach the calling party related to forward service on the SIMBOX line to undefined numbers or any call center.
  • When a regulatory or security issue happens on the SIMBOX call, operators or government cannot trace call details especially details of original calling party.



Market Overview at Turkey

After August 2012, international MTR rates are allowed to be decided by the market itself at Turkey. This causes international MTR rates to be increased by the operators. This MTR increase exposed as high SIMBOX use and international call bypass.

At 2012, SIMBOX usage increased at least 3% - 10% monthly.

Possible revenue loss due to SIMBOX fraud is almost 40% of incoming international minutes at countries with high MTR values and cheap/free national onnet call prices.

It is expected that SIMBOX usage is feasible if SIMBOX line usage is more than 450 minutes at Turkey whether or not it is detected by any SIMBOX Fraud Detection Tool.



Solution Details

Padlock is the first and the most effective patent pending solution designed by OKSIJEN  for SIMBOX Fraud Detection using Big Data Analysis.

Padlock is focusing on the called parties who are the main customers of the SIMBOX Fraudsters.

  • Padlock is on live since 15th June 2015 at Vodafone Turkey.
  • Padlock gives 7x24 hourly outputs as near realtime.
  • Success ratio of Padlock is more than 99.5%.
  • Usage before detection are reduced to nearly 100 minutes from 950 minutes average.
  • Padlock gives 8-10 times early detection capability comparing to legacy SIMBOX Detection tools.
  • Padlock is operator independent solution. It also detects all operator lines as well.

Padlock is easy to implement by Mobile or Fixed Line Operators. The only need for deployment is an existing Big Data Platform. Operator should apply their own 'test and learn' phase to provide efficient results on their own networks.