WRMS (Welcome Roaming Messaging System)

WRMS offers the operators the capability to send configurable welcome messages to international roamers automatically. The messages could be either simple welcome messages to inform the roamers about the operator or they might be messages promoting and instructing the roaming services of the operator. These messages can be provided after the first or the following location updates on the network.

RQM (Roaming Quality Monitoring)

RQM enables network operators to have the full picture of roaming traffic, thus improve the efficiency and performance of the network. Short messages and voice calls passing over roaming links can be monitored and displayed for statistical purposes. 

SoR (Steering of Roaming - Preferred Roaming Network)

SoR enables operators to manage different types of roaming traffic requests for postpaid and prepaid subscribers, provide ability to assign the outbound roamers to its preferred networks, and supply roaming traffic logs and graphical statistical information.