ACGW (Active Monitoring Gateway)

ACGW is a message filtering tool by means of acting as an STP in the SS7 network, that examines the messaging passing through. It enables features such as “spam SMS filtering”, “SMS forwarding”, “optimum routing”, “mobility mirrored subscription”, “mobile number portability” and “steering of roaming”.

IMG (IP-SM Gateway)

IMG is a solution that enables reliable interconnection between IMS and GSM networks for IM and SMS communication.

VMC (Virtual Messaging Client)

VMC is a solution enabling a subscriber to send and receive short and multimedia message via desktop messaging client.

SHC (SMS Hub Center)

SHC is SMS Hub Center solution compliant with latest GSMA specifications for the international flow of SMS between operators, reshaping the way that international mobile inter-operability works. It provides hub functionality to intermediate the SMS traffic and to offer a larger SMS coverage.

SLC (SUPL Client)

SLC is a mobile application that turns a non SUPL mobile terminal into SUPL enabled one that implements SUPL protocol messages by listening the incoming messages and responding to them in accordance with the protocol requirements.

VHLR (Virtual HLR)

Multiple SIM service provides operator to combine all SIM cards and devices of single subscriber under the same MSISDN and billing account. It is applicable in local use within the network as well as international roaming. This service allows subscriber using multiple devices with single MSISDN and account.