INOX Prepaid

INOX Prepaid is a next generation prepaid platform that offers a high-performing, reliable and flexible solution to mobile operators. All service usage of prepaid subscribers including voice, messaging, data, subscription fees and roaming expenses are monitored, rated and charged in real time.

INOX Prepaid Service allows network operators and service providers to address the rapidly growing and evolving prepaid market with innovative market offerings that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

INOX Prepaid allows network operators to apply any kind of marketing campaigns or loyalty tools to increase new customer acquisition and/or the loyalty of existing subscribers. Key features include:

• Configurable tariff plans, activation steps, subscriber notification preferences.

• Real time bonus/promotion management based on recharge habits, spending limits or loyalty of subscriber.

• Roaming support via CAMEL or USSD Callback for non-CAMEL networks.

• Real-time data, SMS, MMS charging over Diameter.

• Fully distributed architecture and geographic redundancy to ensure business continuity.

• Convergent charging capabilities.

INOX VPN (Virtual Private Network Application)

INOX VPN allows network operators to provide virtual private voice network service for their corporate customers. INOX VPN provides a private numbering plan and discounted rates for subscriber groups or companies. Group members can call each other with their short numbers. Calls within the company are treated as VPN calls regardless of dialed number (short number or full MSISDN).

Call discounts and rules for changing the billing number can be configured based on the member type, called party or time and location of the call.

INOX VPN service is enriched with the following distinguished services:

• Enterprise VPN feature groups different companies as an enterprise to enable short number dialing and specific charging rules for intra-group calls. Companies of an enterprise can have independent charging rules and short dialing lists, and they can access each other with a specific access code. Specific discount can be applied to intra-group calls.

• Short number SMS feature enables VPN members to send SMS to other company members using their short codes.

• Directory lookup service enables search within company members by name or number. USSD based solution is supported by any handset model.

MPBX (Mobile PBX Application)

MPBX is a group hunting service, where “agents” (typically employees of a company) are accessed via a common service number from any telephony network. After receiving a call to a common service number, MPBX routes the call to the first available agent. MPBX monitors the status and the availability of the agents to connect the incoming call to the next available agent, avoiding unnecessary routing attempts as in traditional hunting algorithms. Being accessible from any network (GSM, PSTN, etc.), MPBX allows network operators to generate airtime and increase their revenue from interconnections and is highly expedient for the services like call centre operations, chat services, maintenance and support activities.

Companies can monitor and manage their MPBX service via provided web interface. Web GUI enables company admins to monitor agent status and performance, generate reports, send short messages to corporate mobiles, customize hunting rules and greeting announcement. 

ICM (Caller Management Application)

Caller Management is an IN service allowing subscribers to manage their incoming calls by means of a web based personalization tool. The solution includes Ring Back Tone, Call Barring/Screening, Call Diversion, Voice Mail Service and Missed Call Notification services. Moreover, it can easily be integrated to similar in-house or 3rd party call screening services.