EIR (Equipment Identity Register)

EIR enables network operators to control and filter IMEIs (International Mobile Equipment Identity) in their network, to avoid mobile handset smuggling and to decrease stolen handsets in the market.

IMEI checking can be done either with location updates or during the setup phase of a call, SMS or data access. EIR maintains white, gray and black lists for IMEIs. Actions to be taken for gray and black lists are fully configurable.

UCM (USSD Call Me)

UCM service allows subscribers (especially configured for prepaid subscribers with no credit) to send USSD request to called parties as SMS or USSD notification by indicating “Please call me” which encourages called party to initiate a call. It supports advanced mobile ad functionality to insert ads for both called and calling party.

UCB (USSD Callback)

UCB service allows prepaid subscribers to initiate calls while roaming in networks without CAMEL II support or agreement with HPMN. With this solution, HPMN has full control of the call and can perform all the pre-call checks and also rate the call in real time for prepaid subscribers. The roaming prepaid subscriber first dials a USSD string and then service calls the called and calling parties to connect two call legs.

ECP (Emergency Call Positioning)

ECP service retrieves the location information of subscriber who calls “112 Emergency Service” regardless of HPMN or VPMN or other operators’ subscriber with SIM or without SIM. Captured information is forwarded to Legal Authority with necessary attributes.

ECR (Emergency Call Routing)

Service routes  emergency calls to predefined numbers based on location information and behavior of subscriber (HPMN subs, VPMN subs, other operator subs or subs without SIM).

Credit Top-up and Enquiry Services

Service allows subscribers to top-up their credit and inquire the current credit balance information over SMS, IVR and USSD channel. In addition, VPN group members are allowed to retrieve registered information service for group members and forward their calls to another member of their group.

Bonus Credit When Out of Credit

Subscribers with zero balance are offered extra credits (negative balance) of variable amount according to their segment or history. Negative balance fee can be applied during the following credit top-up of the subscriber.

ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection)

ACR service enables the subscriber to reject incoming calls with restricted address presentation (CLIR Supplementary Service) or unknown CLI. Incoming calls with CLIR are automatically redirected to special announcement or voice mail and the call is dropped. Calling party may hear an IVR announcement and deposit a message. Called party may get a notification SMS about the dropped call or call a service number to listen to recorded messages.

LER (Local Event Rater)

LER provides recurring charging capabilities to manage subscription based services such as Mobile TV and RBT. Subscription based Value Added Services require a reliable charging module to capture subscription fee periodically. LER provides synchronous and asynchronous methods to subscribe the subscriber and renew the subscriptions on renewal period.

PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function)

PCRF is responsible for identifying and executing the policy rules for the service that a subscriber may intend using. The policy rules can be formulated based on static information, such as the subscription profile or dynamic information like consumption history.