INT (Interconnection)

The interconnection module prepares daily and monthly reports used for settlement and financial operations. The settlement reports consist of total call duration, total number of calls according to destination operator, wholesale carriers, local telecom special services, international zones, satellite operators whereas financial reports contain rating information on individual/corporate and prepaid/postpaid basis. The other reports are MMS interconnection, MMS Hubbing and SMS interworking.

CDRC (CDR Collection)

CRDC is responsible for gathering all usage data from related network elements. The data is forwarded to the mediation platform for further processing. The processed data is delivered to their final destinations. Interconnection billing platform collects inter-network CDRs for each transaction from gateways for charging incoming and outgoing  call traffic between telecom operators and wholesale carriers. TAP handling module interconnects with our data clearing house and is responsible for sending and receiving roaming records.

PRF (Provisioning Framework)

PRF is responsible for propagating subscriber data into various network elements and databases both within and outside IT network. CCB Integration module is responsible for gathering commercial orders that are generated by customer care system and transforming to technical orders. Provisioning core is responsible for managing and executing technical orders using relevant integration modules. PRF also transfers subscriber data from an IN platform to another IN platform, delivers notification SMS messages to SMSC and shows various subscriber information stored in specific network elements like HLRs, INs, etc.

ATC (Alternative Topup Channels)

In order to increase subscriber satisfaction, alternative topup channels are introduced in addition to IVR and USSD. In these channels, topups are made either with or without a voucher. Topup channels with voucher include topup over customer care center and topup by SMS. Voucherless topups have wider variety: direct topup, group topup, topup by credit-card and topup via third party companies (banks, market chains, call centers, internet companies, etc.). Voucherless topups do not require voucher management and enable subscriber to load any amount. Another related service is credit transfer between subscribers.

CDA (Call Data Archive)

CDA is used to record the call data of clients for legal purposes, fraud investigations and client requests. It provides web based interface for the end-users to query.

MIS (Management Information Systems)

MIS is business intelligence software, which allows querying, analyzing and reporting data in order to measure operational, financial and usage performance.  MIS provides direct access to information to deliver metrics for decision-making. The databases include data from different sources to deliver custom reports to users and it is integrated with BO (Business Objects).