Cell ID and E-Cell ID positioning for 2G, 3G and LTE

OKSIJEN location solutions provide coarse subscriber location by using Cell ID, and better than coarse location by using E-Cell ID (Enhanced Cell ID). Those positioning methods are suitable for services such as weather, traffic and emergency services, which do not require high location accuracy.


A-GPS (Assisted GPS) and A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS) positioning technologies are employed when highly accurate location services are required. OKSIJEN location platform provides satellite assistance data to A-GPS and A-GNSS enabled terminals of mobile subscribers in order to facilitate fast and accurate location fix.


The existing wireless communications infrastructure, which supports high rate data transmission primarily and particularly based on the IEEE 802.11 family standards (i.e. 802.11a/b/g/n), are utilized to determine the location of users within the indoor network. Wi-Fi based indoor positioning module requires the estimated distances to be used in the localization, especially using the signal strength of the received Wi-Fi signals.


Bluetooth positioning technology is based on new generation low power Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons). This positioning method uses signal strengths of BLE Beacons in the close proximity and is mainly targeted for indoor positioning of users with a location accuracy around 5 meters. This allows for very accurate indoor location tracking of users.



GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center)

OKSIJEN GMLC is the 3GPP standards-based core component that communicates with core network to provide mobile stations' location. Interfacing with GSM, UMTS and the LTE Evolved Packet Core Network, it provides subscriber location on 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

It has a 3GPP standards MLP interface that communicates with the emergency, commercial and lawful intercept clients. OKSIJEN GMLC provides subscriber positioning with Cell ID and E-Cell ID. It provides A-GPS and A-GNSS positioning methods, if bundled with OKSIJEN SUPL product . It also enables Enhanced Cell ID positioning method, if there is an SMLC on radio network.

SMLC (Serving Mobile Location Center)

OKSIJEN SMLC is the 3GPP standards-based solution that interfaces with the GSM Radio Network, UMTS Radio Network and LTE Evolved Packet Radio Network. It gathers the measurements from its radio network interface and calculates the final position with position calculation algorithms.

OKSIJEN SMLC supports location fix methods of Cell ID plus Timing Advance for 2G networks, and Cell ID plus Round Trip Time (RTT) for 3G networks. With OKSIJEN triangulation algorithm, SMLC provides higher accuracy by using signals and measurements from neighbouring cells. Those positioning methods are well suited to provide location services like emergency, weather and traffic services. For more precise positioning, OKSIJEN SMLC also supports UE-based Assisted GPS/Assisted GNSS on control plane by getting assistance data from Satellite Reference Network.

SUPL (Secure User Plane Location)

OKSIJEN SUPL provides highly accurate and precise location based services to mobile operators with A-GPS (Assisted GPS) and A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS) positioning methods. SUPL server connects A-GPS, A-GNSS capable devices and provides the data required for the phone to quickly acquire the position of satellites and calculate location. It enables multiple positioning technologies such as handset-based A-GPS/A-GNSS, handset assisted A-GPS, Cell ID and Enhanced Cell ID. OKSIJEN SUPL server is fully compliant with OMA SUPL 1.0 and SUPL 2.0 standards. Besides standard positioning, it also supports SUPL 2.0 enhanced services such as Area Event Triggers, Periodic Triggers and Historic Positioning.


OKSIJEN Geofence is a passive location platform that uses subscriber movements and provides geo-fencing where specific services based on entering and leaving to/from areas can be implemented. Platform uses an existing network monitoring probe and collects ‘Location Update’ events of subscribers. It also has femtocell support, which provides capturing subscriber enter events to a defined area from femtocell devices. It also stores last known locations of all subscribers where massively locating can be possible which will evolve location based services to locate thousands of subscribers in seconds. It provides enhanced location capabilities such as; geofencing, proximity, mass-locating and device type based queries.

Indoor Positioning

OKSIJEN Indoor Positioning is a platform that enables subscribers to get their location inside a building. It is a framework enabling telecom operators, brands, retailers and shopping centers to engage both current and prospective customers with relevant, timely and personalized content to their mobile devices which can drive customer engagement, sales and loyalty. The product is specialized in indoor areas such as shopping centres where the GPS is not suitable -- explicitly because GPS signal could not penetrate through the obstacles (such as walls whose inside the steel lines behave as reflector) into indoor places. It calculates indoor location of the subscriber by gathering the signals from Wi-Fi access points and BLE Beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons). Indoor positioning is well suited to provide indoor location services such as positioning, navigation, advertisement, analytics, 3D maps.




Vodafone Locate is an innovative cloud based solution that allows your business to improve efficiency while taking proactive steps to support its employees.

Locate has been designed for the companies with field service, to locate and track the SIM cards of companies’ mobile devices, linking field staff with the operations centre and also to each other.

This technology takes the time, location and safety into consideration – every vehicle, every employee can be located and contacted – so companies will reach their employees faster and more reliably.

LES (Location Enabler Server)

LES solution provides privacy management based on subscribers’ preferences. It basically enables subscribers to define preferences such as by whom, when, where to be located.

Geofence Campaign Management

Built on top of core Geofence platorm, Geofence Campaign Management is the management user interface of the core platform. It exposes the functionality of the core platform and provides the means for managing those functions. Its capabilities include campaign management, map visualization, reporting, statistics and a public API for internal or third-party usage. As a product, it is separate from the Geofence core and requires a compatible Geofence core backend to operate.



Locate Mobile Application

Vodafone Locate Mobile is one of powerful mobile applications OKSIJEN provides in its product portfolio.

Both Android (version 2.3 and above) and IOS (version 6 and above) is supported with the aim of expanding service usability on the market. Since fleet management market demands real time location availability, enabling this data visible in hands is a strategic move increasing user penetration. Both clients are available for download on mobile application markets today.

SME Mobile Marketing Application

Using Geolocate core functions, an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) can create zones and geofences on mobile device and easily start SMS campaigns which are triggered when a subscriber enters to a location. It is also possible to view campaign status and get a report when campaign ends.