CRM (Customer Relations Management)

CRM enables contact management to master the customer interaction and request and CTT (Customer Trouble Ticket) entities. Main users are customer care agents, dealers and agents of 3rd party companies which have different access rights. CRM is integrated with the channels which customer can send complaints such as phone, fax or email. CRM has also integration with SMS channel to provide feedback to customers about the status of their trouble tickets.

CCB (Customer Care and Billing)

CCB is responsible to manage customer lifecycle starting from creation to invoice generation. It masters customer data and subscription information including customer identity/address/contact person, billing preferences (bill cycle, bill type, invoice type, etc.), payment method, SIM card and GSM properties and preferences, packages/bundles, billing and invoicing data and customer status. It also allows customer care agents and dealers to perform customer related operations. CCB is capable of receiving orders from channels such as Web, SMS, USSD and IVR and it also manages received orders to be realized through the other responsible domains that CCB interfaces with, such as network provisioning, payment systems, online collection system, etc.

PRB (Postpaid Rating and Billing)

PRB is used to rate and post all of the postpaid subscriber usage CDRs including voice, data, SMS and content. It allows flexible implementation of rating schemes to handle complex tariff plans, bundles, options, promotions, campaigns and discounts. PRB supports re-rating of CDRs before and after bill-run in case required.

PCOL (Payment Collection)

PCOL is used to manage distribution of new, cancelled, or paid invoices to online and offline payment systems. It also supports collecting paid invoices from online and offline payment systems, and handling mail order integration.

VMS (Voucher Management System)

VMS provides the automation and the control of voucher related business process in the network including SAP system. It enables the status of a voucher to be followed in every stage of its life cycle starting from generation phase to recharge. Additionally full integration with SAP system in every stage prevents manual and inappropriate transactions by the end users.

PMS (Promotion Management System)

PMS manages different types of promotions for prepaid subscribers in near real-time. These are topup based, periodic, event based, MMA(Mobile Marketing Agency) integrated and spend based promotions. Promotions can be arranged with mobile marketing agencies via PMS. PMS has an online interface module for MMA campaigns and it can manage MMA accounts for each promotion campaigns. The available MMA Integration interfaces are predefined gift amounts with voucher validation, predefined gift amounts without voucher validation, direct load with voucher validation and direct load without voucher validation. Additionally PMS runs with campaign framework which is an application located on IN systems and counts usage information, for spend based campaigns.

PTSM (Prepaid Tariff/State Management System)

PTSM is responsible for managing lifecycle of subscribers for special tariffs. This system lets subscribers to take advantage of relevant tariff package by checking topup conditions. Depending on the tariff package and topup value, the subscriber has discounted rate calls for in-group (friends and family) or on-net calls or both. Also subscribers can be charged periodically for specific purposes. In this product, any lifecycle can be configured for subscribers and necessary actions can be performed regarding the lifecycle rules.

RTC GW (Real Time Charging Gateway)

RTC GW is responsible of charging all message and event based services for prepaid and postpaid subscribers in real-time. Content based charging for value added services is also an integral part of this product. The rating engine of RTC GW is responsible of calculating the credit to be deducted from the prepaid balance of the subscriber to be charged. For postpaid customers, the rating engine can either calculate an exact cost for the service used by the postpaid subscriber and forward the SMS CDR to the billing system in a pre-rated stage or it can calculate a multiplier and carry it over on the SMS CDR to the billing system. RTC GW rating engine can support free of charge or discounted subscriber to subscriber SMS and MMS charging among members of a friends and family group. RTC GW is capable of VPMN based charging.

SGS (SIM Card Generation System)

SGS is a solution to provide the automation and the control of SIM card related business processes. It is closely linked with CCB and defines the prerequisite values of a SIM card in order to enable its subscription in CCB and the corresponding activation in the HLR.